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The appt. She offers is a real change and great for those needing help to relax. Shes an intelligent young woman that desires to know her clients and doesn't just see anyone wanting to book.-Investor

I've seen her several times and found out my son has cancer. Even after the appointment she didn't give up. She went home researched reached back out to me and gave me information of places having great results. I've given her permission to contact me anytime. She stays up to date on medical things and studies a lot. Shes very interested in helping us. -PBR

My husband has been seeing her for a while. He enjoys his Appts. I feel comfortable with him seeing her. I requested couples appt. She normally only sees men. But she obliged me so I was able to meet her in person.- Wifey

I've seen her several times before I go home to my wife. When I come back from serving i have to adjust and need to do so quickly as possible. I dont need to take my issues home to my wife and child. And Rose is understanding and after appointment  I'm so relaxed. It's very appreciated how she works individually with us. -Glen, Air Force

I felt great after seeing her my position is very stressful. And I've tried different things and it didn't work out. She charged a prime rate indeed. she also works you over. She talked to me off and on the whole session. It was a wonderful experience. -Oklahoma

I was so excited to see her it was so unusual to arrive to an appt and receive something as a thank you. I've been to a great many places. But she makes you feel appreciated.- NFL

Shes has a gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes. Just the way she treats you could be considered sensual. She opens the door and greets you with a smile! Shes very genuine and that's hard to come by. -POW

Absolutely amazing experience her hands are wonderful. After the appt I still felt like I was having an out body experience. -Pops

Shes the coolest chick you'll meet so easy to talk to. And shes very compassionate. I've been through a lot in war. And when she took my had you could tell she cared.-Green Beret

She came in gave me a gift for booking the full appt. It surprised me because I've never had any the girls give me a gift. Her rate flat so if she goes over it doesn't bother her. She cares about what she does and the clients she sees. -Ben

I have severe PTSD after the appt she sat talked to me. It was nice

Feeling normal. She really cares about her clients. She doesn't time the appt. She works on you til shes done. And if you ask her about nature ways to do stuff. She will invest time and research for you. Then shell let you know next appt or text you. -Served in Afghanistan 3x

Shes such a sweet woman and has some stories. I laughed and really enjoyed myself. Told her she should do an open mic night at a comedy club. They'd be rolling!! -multiple business owner

What she has to offer is a real commodity to Professionals looking to escape..-PI

Your first appointment Shes eccentric to say. But she tells funny stories to those looking for the talk therapy. Shell ask questions to you. Depending on how deep the conversation. I was unsure the first appointment. But she is comfortable to speak to and she doesn't judge us military guys. It's nice not to be judged for my service. -Gulf War

To really make a difference in peoples lives you have to care. She cares about every one of us and what were going through. She listens as well as laughs and has funny stories. She makes you comfortable and doesn't judge you. Where Doctors want to drug you and treat you like your broken. She just doesn't and I was upset and she sat there talked to me, listened and even held my hand. I cant explain it but when a person really cares and takes your hand and listens it gives you a peace that no medicine can.-Navy Seal

She wants you to come to the appt ready to get pampered and enjoy your time. So she does and will cut up with you on the phone. As a professional it's not what were use to. She not like these other woman that beg and plead either. She sure didn't me and I couldn't help but think that I missed out.

My husband been seeing her for a while now. I checked out this website and Its very nice. He told her it was my birthday and she sent him home with a body scrub. It was wonderful!! I use it to clean my face. She must be very kind.. -The Wife

The first appt. I had I wasn't sure bc she wasn't comfortable with the vibes she got off me. I decided to try it again and shes very nice. She laughs teases and will pick on you some. But I always get a hug when I see her. It's really nice when you dont get any attention. To be able to come be relaxed and receive pampering.-Josh

I needed to be able to relax. I requested for her to get a hamburger and some fries so I could get back to work. She was awesome! The food was there and I had my appt and was on the run again.-Rodger

I didn't care for the appt. I saw her once and came in with an idea what I expected. Partially into the appt I told her enough. I paid and left. I have to have a ive when I do this. -unsatisfied

The room is clean and discrete and appreciated. For those well known or families we still like to be pampered. -Tyler

I came into the appointment grabbed her gave her a hug. She hugged me back it was nice. I did over step boundaries and she put me in my place. She does not ride the cowboy. But she did a great job. Dont go in there assuming or expecting. This is her zone and she does have fun with you. Shes very nice and talented with her hands. She stretched me out and it was great!!-Sup.

Great experience! You pay premium pricing with her.. But she has a nice location she gets. She takes you time working on you. I felt like a marinated steak when she was through!!!😌😏-Clint

I asked for TV during the appt. I have PTSD and other stuff. She obliged that request. Shes great to talk to. She also can kick it with anyone!- -THE COUNT

Wonderful experience and well worth the wait! It took me a week before I was able to book. She does appts in different areas and you have to prebook. I look forward to your next visit in my area.--Engineer

Shes serious about the 30 and up! I'm 27 yr old and she wouldn't book me. Extremely seldom has she deviated from that rule. Anyway, I was unable to book. The service sounds amazing and shes friendly when I spoke to her on the phone. -Chad

Great personality she pulls you in like a tornado and pushes you out. Shes a natural tease and the sessions well worth it. She takes her time and didnt mind me visiting and having a drink with her afterwards. -Wayne

She really cares about us military men. Was a pleasure to meet you!-TJ

I'm P411/Eccie, I heard about her through another group I'm in. It was a nice change of pace compared to what I'm used to. It was a very relaxing and fun experience. She’s a firecracker! Look forward to a future appointment. -ty

When I called she was nice but had casual conversation. I just wanted to book have appointment be on my way. Shes not that kind appointment. She said she takes her time in appointment. And said they are fun and relaxed. I didnt book I wanted traditional.-Doc

Shes very understanding and wasn't judgmental. I felt very comfortable speaking to her and was glad things went so well. -S.F

I was able to talk to her about my marriage and how I miss my wife. Was respectful to my desire for privacy. - CEO Anthony

I've been seeing her a while she’s very spontaneous in her ways. She one night shows up at my door and opens it sliding a water gun that loaded in. As she plays the song another one bites the dust. HELL YA IT WAS FUN! Still laugh about it.. -VIP 2 yr

I'm a swinger/nudist and saw Rose to prepare for a week at a nude beach. She was very nonjudgmental. She took her time doing the grooming. 

She stopped a few times asked my opinion. It was very nice experience to be myself and go to the beach feeling my best. -nudist swinger

The lotion and body scrub was amazing! It made my body so smooth.-BJ

So I'm a man and when I'm getting a body rub by a female you know how it is. I like the female to be cute, busty and have a nice ass. She has all that and a great personality!-Js

Pro Sports player heard about her thought I'd check it out. Was very unorthodox but good communication and good service.-Pitcher

I had a Wonderful experience in this Appointment. She offers something that just not out there. When I arrived she spoke to me and she undressed me. I was able to relax and just enjoy being pampered. She worked on me for 2 hours and she didn’t watch the time and I wasn’t rushed through the apt. It was awesome and I look forward to booking again.-Dale

I'm a Dom, and I like to be in control! Requested a setting where there was role-play during my getting pampered. She was fun and well definitely unexpected. If you’re not open to the experience she offers it wouldn’t be for you. I've already booked again!-Dom

I contacted Rose very upset and wanting more than what she does. We hand long text back and forth. She was very compassionate, understanding and willing to listen to my needs. By the time we were done I wanted to work on my marriage and be a better man & husband and what got me is she did that not asking anything from me-working progress

I kept contacting and inquiring about the manscape. At one point I told her I bet you can’t shave it smooth. She said put your money where your mouth is and book appointment. So I then told her fine I want appointment today. I was so excited at how smooth it was! My gf loved the results and I got the reward ;) -skeptically questionable

The appointment was greatly needed. She wasn’t telling stories about freshly made either. The lotion wasn’t a flower type smell it was nice and felt great! Appointment wasn’t rushed through and had great laughs. - bull rider

Wonderful bath and body scrub that had my skin feeling amazing. Then to finish it off a body massage that had me so relaxed I was melting into the bed. Definitely a must have experience! -Anthony

It was absolutely amazing experience! I went in with no expectations. I had lots of stress!! I was trying to make deadlines and had writers block. When she got the luxury bath ready and I set bk. It was so relaxing and to top it off with the other things she had in ad. It was 2hrs I wasn’t rushed through. She took her time and it was really nice.-blog

Booked an appointment she had fresh things for the appointment. It was really nice. When the appointment was over I just laid there and we laughed and talked. It was nice not being rushed off after the appointment was over. It was a pleasant and refreshing experience. -Pilot

She did an outcall for me I was in alot pain and stressed. She took her time and worked on me. She has her way and I needed it bad! She worked me over for 21/2hrs. Because she could tell I really needed some help. I slept great better than I have in 8 month.-Clyde

I booked an appointment for the whole appointment session as well as going out to keep me company. I work a lot hours out town and thought it be nice. There was no drama etc. She’s lol she’s unorthodox in the appointment she offers. But she cares about her client, listens to them, cuts up with them and also pokes fun. I had some really good laughs! -Kel

I work very hard in the Oil Field out in West Texas 16 hour day and sometimes never get off it seems. It's a wonderful service when you’re too exhausted and would love some pampering and a nice bath and to be able to just drink a beer during it.-Hotshot

I'm a working Professional and have long hours like many. Saw her info and was curious and cautious. My life in general very demanding and it was such a nice experience. She didn’t rush and she takes her time in the appointment. Willing to cut up and treat you like an average Joe. -Joe :)

I have been a repeat customer. She is always enjoyable and easy to talk to. Excellent massages and talk sessions. Is always professional & very easy to talk and discuss whatever you want to. Have also had dinner and is great company. Well worth the time and money! George S.

My wife past away 2 yrs. ago and I'm a lonely man of 67 yr. I saw the ad and thought it sounded wonderful. I was able to talk to her about my wife I loved dearly. She was very easy to talk to, and it was a really nice relaxing experience that I needed. TY -Alex

I'm a veteran and have been having a very difficult time adjusting to civilian life. I've been on edge for a while. I don’t like being treated like I'm screwed up when it's just dealing with everything. And when all you know if the military life. Anyway I contacted her and us text a few times before we met. Bc I felt more comfortable in doing so. It was very nice for someone to not just listen to you but the whole appointment was just what this soldier needed. Ty -Sniper

I had to do a speech and was needing to relax and someone discretely help me prepare. She listened to me repeat the speech over and over as well as during the massage she coached me that I was the man. It was a very important event it was to speak at and I needed to be on top my game. I left relaxed and on top my game.-eagle eye

I'm a Veteran and suffer PTSD and like so many you know what I deal with daily. I contacted her because I was tired being a head case to Doc. or just a number. She treated me with respect and care that we tend to not get when we come home. She sat back had a drink with me and it was relaxing. I hadn't laughed in weeks but laughing and cutting up was so great. I left feeling like the man I should! -Thumper

I really enjoyed the distress session I had. She is very professional. Sticks to business at hand. The complimentary message is very relaxing. Enjoyed my session very much. Worth the money. -George

You can’t book an appointment with her at last minute I'd tried. Was determined to try the appointment out she offers. It's really different and well worth the wait. This is a down to earth appointment. She’s fun to talk as well as educated, sassy and fun. She’s been through Massage school as well as a Certified Nurse Aide. Very relaxing!-Billy

I’m a Business owner that travels a lot and asked for 2 days. I wanted someone to be a companion during the hours I wasn’t working. She’s a Busty full figured white female. She came and we had great conversations, as many body rubs as I requested, went out and played pool. LOL she was ok at pool but no PRO but she was great fun and we went out both nights. I had a blast and have already booked for the next time I’m in town. She honors being discrete with us.-VIP

This was so great it was like a one stop shop deal! She's extremely outgoing and fun to shop with. I needed a woman's opinion to prepare for a lovely lady I was taking out. At the same time I needed something different to distress. I spent 5 hours with this woman and we laughed cut up and it was great. I used several of her services she has listed. Definitely and experience unlike anything I ever had. BTW she's nonjudgmental.-HIPPY

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