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PTSD Treatment

Thank You for your service

Veterans suffering from PTSD will find my de-stressing conversations very useful in treating their condition. The session is a bring-your-own-beer, open-talk meeting. I have had depressed individuals and those who have suffered from PTSD who couldn’t talk to anyone. I've also seen men before they go home to families or they come back home and are alone. It takes time to adjust. I am here to help you.. Even if your unable to afford cost of appt. Please still reach out because I work with Veterans despite cost and work with you to best my ability. That is only offered to Veterans and I have some that have offered to help veterans for appointments.

Come in to sit and chat with me, beer in hand

This is a technique that I have come up with through years of experience working with the public and individuals. I have done health care, suicide watch and completed massage school.

I have worked with various professionals that like confidentiality but are under very high stress. Some individuals come to see me as soon as they get back from the field.

This is a no-head-shrink experience as I am a friend to all. With that being said, there are lots of laughs and big talks as well. My ability is to understand the pain you each feel. And each appointment I bring compassion and a desire to help you. 

A pill doesn't cure the trauma and neither does alcohol or drugs. You saw things and have things in your head that no one could imagine and for that, I'm sorry you've experienced them. You are strong and courageous and there is no shame here. Only honor and respect!

I accept calls from our veterans 24/7 as needed. Because they served 24/7 while they were enlisted and they get that respect from me.

None of my appointments are rushed. I sincerely care about my clients and always take my time working with each gentleman.

This type of treatment is therapeutic and it helps those suffering from mental trauma. One of my clients went back to serve the country at the embassy after 2 visits from me. Rest assured that everything discussed during our sessions is kept highly confidential. Moreover, you’ll deal with me directly rather than scheduling your session with a third party.

All contacts or text are deleted afterward, including your number after the appointment is completed. You’ll receive a last text from me for any future scheduling. The client does all the contacting.

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