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Laughter good for the soul

Every month, there will be new stories that I will upload on this page. I invite you to send me your funny stories that you would like to share! I'm a very laid-back female who’s not judgmental. I work with regular professionals, business owners, nudist, swingers, fetish-friendly type, DOMs, and even some skeptics about my service. Whoever you are, this page is just for laughs. I respect all my clientele and their best interest is my priority.



If you would like to set up an appointment and inquire Every month, there will be a new story or new stories that I will upload on this page. I invite you to send me funny stories that you would like to share. Rest assured that names and personal information will be kept confidential. The intent of this section is to show how appointments with me are absolutely laid-back experiences where we are free to share laughs as well as wild stories.

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I was told I was a marketing machine and it's amazing. I'm thankful to those that enjoy the site and appointments. Each of us are like a bag of nuts we all are different shapes and sizes some are too salty and some just right and well some are nutty. 😂

So I had a gentleman for an appt. After the bath he was laying here getting a massage. Suddenly he says I was boiled marinated and now if you poked me I think I'd be done. It was hilarious and totally out the blue. I have alot laughs with the guys. 

Some cant get how wild an outcall can get just driving there.  The other night I did an appt 1hr 45min drive. You know the saying stuff happen a mile from home? Well I was within 10 min the appt. And come to find out hwy and service roads are shut down. Theres a powerline down. So I have to go down some bk rd. Idk never been down. Then I end up on wrong turn the came to one those fences your like time to turn around. As I get turn here comes car. They actually start honking and try to chase me down. I didnt slow down!! Luck for the officer! So dont always assume your being played. Bc theres traffic jams, car accidents, along with other stuff.-Experienced

Today I had a guy tell me he was bareback with a married woman. And he said suddenly the husband walked in. He hauled off gave him a high 5 said good for you man.😳😳😳🙈🙈🤯🤯🤯 I found that shocking. He said they were swingers though.-shared story

I had seen a very respectable active service member this morning. The weather's been crazy.was on way to an outcall with another active member. He had told me his place was sunny. In the process being on unknown road. I receive a text tornados are slamming my house. I freaked texting lol thought I was driving into the heart the storm. It was the previous client.. so yes sometimes when I send off the wall message back. Please keep in mind I'm driving, in appt or between. And please understand I message back 

When you just think it can’t get any wilder. This week I had a man show up. He came for a full body grooming from the neck down. Asked what I drank. When I'm manscaping, I'm not going to be drinking. I've had a beverage with some my clients very few. But he offered to pay me 500 to go watch him get nipples pierced. He said and I want you to dress me like a female. He kept calling me mistress. Look I see all kinds! Most are manly men. I'm not interested in extra monies for such outrageous ventures. Something like that mind warp you for life.  I retain the right to my beliefs and opinions. He’s been placed on the banishment list. I'm only telling part the stuff he said. I hope he finds some mmj dental health!!  

Had a man that rented a fancy room with a big tub. He wanted to relax. I wasn’t familiar with those type tub. So I figured reg tub this much ok so I'll put half bottle. He got in I cranked it on. The bubbles were growing at a rapid rate. He was laughing. He said this is some sick humor. I was frantically using the trash can at that point to try to get some the bubbles out. He was still laughing. I said why it sick humor. He said; I'm a veteran marine. I was on a sub and they called us bubble heads. But never did I think I'd be drawn by bubble.

Today I had an appointment. He was exciting and fun. He open the door we got to talking I said your a nudist. He asked how I knew. I said you were nude before u got here put on a rob to be respectful. It's obvious by hot your nude and pointed at his dick sticking out. He laughed. I look forward to booking him again. 

So I had this client and he told me he had never sold anything on fb. He had a new phone he posted and they said lets meet at this parking lot. He said they were in a mini van and open the door said get in. He said me being the nerd I am I got in and automatically buckled my seat belt. They said the phones still in a case he said well ya its brand new. The man said if anything's missing shell know bc she works for Tmobile. Then they start to argue he goes to get out and couldnt he forgot he buckled himself in. Suddenly a child pops his head out back seat scaring the hell out him. But hands him a chunk cash he said I grabbed it and ran like hell.

Recently was car shopping. Took one for a spin. Got to a red light looked at the salesman said do you trust me with your life? He said; heck no! I said what a sham looks like I wont be picking up that wedding dress. Mom in bk seat says do you hear that? We were listening for noises etc. Salesman says if I heard anything I'd tell you. I looked at him said I dont trust you your the salesman. -personal experience

(We need more laughter in the world)

Today I walked out to my car and a woman was out there smoking a cig. She up says so do you make him sleep in the car to? I was so shocked and I replied; excuse me? She says well it says right there on the back window. "Traveling Exclusive Mancave". Lol see people should laugh more..😂😂😂

A client was sharing with me he wanted deep tissue. So one day he went to see a man. He said my eyes were closed I was loving it. Suddenly something hit me in the face. It was the guys shaft😱. At that moment I froze and asked do I need to report a murder. He sat up said no why?? I said bc the men I know would killed him. He said no. I said assault? He goes no I just left.

Lol! So I was telling somone that a person came bc his wife wanted to manscape him one night. When she did she sliced his balls. So he is now a reg to see me. The person I told said yes that be traumatizing! It be like having a bleeding brain you know that where their brain is.😂😂😂😂 (personal experience)

One day, I was giving an elderly man who was in his 80s a massage. When you massage, you’re making blood flow. Suddenly, he looked down and loudly replied, “Oh my God! It still works!” I told him, “See, you just might get lucky on your date tonight after all!” He then replied, “Ugh, it’ll stop working by then.” (Personal experience)

One day, a client came in and he said, “I have to warn you.” I replied, “Okay?” He said, “I like to wear women’s panties.” But when he pulled down his pants, he also had fishnet stockings on. I then replied, “What does your wife think?” He said, “Oh that was a hot topic! She thought they belonged to a girl I was cheating with.” I laughed and said, “I bet your roof was raised that night!” (Personal experience) Different strokes for different folks. The funny things he didn’t finish the warning.

On a military base, a woman’s doorbell rang at 2:00 AM. When she answered it, the base’s psychologist was standing outside butt naked and said, “Can I use your phone?” She said, “Yes, after you go home and put on your clothes.” He then replied, “Yes mama.” She went in, called his wife, and the wife replied, “Oh my god, he’s come off his rocker again!” (Shared story)

So I'm massaging and the guy says: my wife going to say what happen to your alligator skin? (Experienced)

This guy was overseas and he wanted a massage. A girl had previously gave him her number said call me. But then she wouldn’t, because she was at the beach. So the man at the counter of hotel said he could send someone up. 20 min later front desk calls him said she’s here. But she’s blind do you still want appointment? He said; yes. Her and a man show up at his door she says this my husband can he stay they are both blind btw. Few minutes into it she asks can he work your upper half and I'll work the bottom half. He said it was a great massage. (Reg. Shared)