Welcome to my website! I provide Professional gentlemen of ages 30 years and above with a private Men's time out/Mancave without the cave service.

This is a Luxury Service Packaged appointment. Appointments run 2hours and more based on the client. 

I prebook appointments and it's important for men to try to be punctual as possible. When the appointment begins late it off sets other appointments and in turn doesnt look good. This is suppose to be a pleasant experience not stressful. I request 24-48 hr. notice for appointments! I can do same-day bookings if I'm in same area and available. Please keep in mind I receive mass inquiries and bookings. At this time I book appointments across the State of Texas and that is why its important for advanced notice on booking appointments.

I'm here to listen and help you relax. This is a full body relaxation experience  Mind, Body and soul. 

Veterans get special consideration appointments takes as long as they need.. If theres a Disability I take as long as needed for their comfort. 


My Services

I only work using the finest products exclusively for all of my clients. The products are freshly made each week and contain no preservatives, dyes or chemicals. Your appointment is detailed out all the way to the location convenient for your schedule. If you have preference in locations please let me know.


All outcall appointments must give their detailed information (address, house, hotel room, etc.) before I even head your way.


Why an age limit? Because guys in their 20’s are usually not respectful and because this service is for the Professional and elite ONLY!


Pre-booked appointments ask what minimum time is on this for your area.

I don’t mind doing hour-session fill-ins between appointments, for outcalls only.

Please be reminded that I ask for at least a 2-hour advance after you make your booking. I accept late night bookings as well but only accommodate serious inquiries as well as sober during these times.

Each appointment has a 2-hour slot unless you’re a fill-in between appointments. You are welcome to shower after the appointment. In-calls are based on your location and convenience. Draping is optional during appointments.

Introduction Gold Membership

For regular premium clients. Includes special treatments that will receive Christmas or Birthday present if they book that month. So long as they book 2 weeks to month in advance. Please inquire! All clients receive a gift when they come to appointments. But on the Christmas and Birthday gift will be custom for that individual.

👉⭐⭐⭐Kings  Package 2 hr.-2 1/2 hour appointment.⭐⭐ 

Luxury Bath or Luxury Shower


Body Scrub

Manscape (shave or trim privates)


*Free Full Body Massage

Scalp Massage

Toe Trim


Talk Therapy

Includes location/outcall

I'm in your area and you just want manscape front and anus as well as back $100 weddings,anniversaries, whatever your occasions. I cater my services to all occasions. There is no greater insecurity than the size, shape, hair cut of his penis. Your dick pic game will be second to none.

As always appts are lengthy and there are no short appt

☄Full Body Grooming (neck down front and back) 90min to 2hr shave or trim only 200

👀Out-call in 👉DFW only!! 90 min🏧full body massage & manscape $150

🔥Other Services🔥

Shopping Buddy

Companion: Dinner, drinks, pool, movies, conversation for businessmen that travel a lot, lonely, widower, Ptsd. This is non sexual for the men needing someone to talk to.

Speech Prep

Life coach- If you want to be held accountable in your life.  Would like someone to organize you a chores chart so to speak.

Serious Inquiries Only!

PRICING 300/2hr Appt- top seller "KINGS PACKAGE"

No minimum clients for booking you in your areas price includes in or outcall and toll roads and travel. Appts run  2hr have been requested up to more hours. That is also based on price. Also based on demand for the area.

Appointments cover DFW-West Texas, DFW-Corpus Cristi, DFW-Oklahoma, DFW-San Antonio, DFW-? DFW-Longview Its based on demand.. So please inquirer for your area.


Appts are not Rushed and Run 2hr.. They are based per client. The Veterans especially are not rushed appts.

Business Hours

Based on the Clients & their situation

Flexible for veterans

I designate your time frame. Please be respectful of my time as I am of yours. Though 2hrs are designated I work on you until your worked over. Sometimes that can go over and also if the client wants to talk. 

This appt is for some but not for all. It is a specialized Appointment..

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Traveling Exclusive Mancave offers an amazing experience and I take pride in each appointment schedule. I respectfully understand the specific needs that my clients desire and I always work efficiently to accomplish those needs, leaving my clients looking great and feeling de-stressed. This is a relaxation appointment there are NO tolerance on requests for  BJ OR SEX during the appointment. Therefore be respectful explicit text or calls will be blocked.

Gentlemen are welcome to bring their own drinks or request for a complimentary when making an appointment. Once the appointment is completed, I don’t contact previous clients that I see outside of work, out of respect for each individual. So please keep my information for future to be able to reach me.

*Draping is optional

I only serve male clients. This is my personal preference as I do not like “drama” in my sessions. And I enjoy and have fun meeting the new people and the great conversations 
I've had.  I also don’t accept under 90-minute appointments.

*We are not hiring employees ...

*Pay is upfront before the session begins. NO EXCEPTIONS!! I will not touch payment til after appointment for the comfort of the client. Reputation proceeds you and I wish to continue to be a safe place for you to feel comfortable relax and talk about whatever. Due to the many stories men have told me of how things have happened to them booking appointments. Such behavior I do not give to my clients..

*Cash is KING or via PayPal payment only is ok

The price quoted is a flat rate. If you prefer in-call, please specify the location. Note that the cost of the appointment may vary depending on the location where you want to have an appointment. For example, if you want to schedule your appointment in a hotel suite or somewhere with a sauna, the total cost will be more expensive than the regular rate.

*If there’s a parking fee , Location for in-call, time, toll roads its included in the cost. 

*Only 5 openings per day available  MAX

New policy

Prebooking past hour of Dallas requires $50 deposit that will be deducted  from overall cost. 


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